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At Maui Moon Farm, our specialty is growing a variety of delicious and healthful herbal tea blends.  What is so special about our teas?  Beside the fact that they are beautiful and delicious, all ingredients for our tea blends are grown right here at Maui Moon Farm!  By drinking our teas you become a part of our effort to take care of the earth and teach others to do so, too!  You may purchase our teas at our farm shop, or order online by clicking HERE


Be sure to take time for tea!

We currently feature two blends:


Mahina Mint is a delightful combination of calming chamomile and a soothing, mellow mint.  The chamomile comes through in a subtle and sweet aroma and leading bouquet, and the hint of mint lingers to a refreshing finishing note.

Puanani Paradise lives up to its name.  Puanani means beautiful flower, which is the foundation of this floral, fruity tea.  The beautiful hibiscus flower, known as roselle (hibiscus sabdariffa), transforms into a callyx-covered seedpod.  The calyces are hand picked, hand peeled, triple-washed, and dried to retain the peek of their flavor.  Then we add papaya, pineapple, lemon grass and lemon balm for a treat reminiscent of cranberries with a sweet tropical flare.  The deep, clear red tea will remind you of the stunningly bright reds of the tropical flowers of our island paradise.  It perfect as a gift for those back on the mainland, or as a way to remember your beautiful time on Maui.

Coming Soon!  We are currently developing our crops for our third tea blend, which will be a healthful combination and delicious treat of sweet ginger, turmeric and citrus.

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