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The Maui Moon Farm Learning Center was born from our desire to help others understand our sustainable farming methods and put them into practice.  We focus on building the earth's resources rather than depleting them.  It is the perfect place for students and adults to gain hands-on knowledge of how living systems work.

"Farming may sprout from our minds but it is inspired by our hearts."



Our fish are the centerpiece of our farm, so of course they are featured in our learning center.  You can learn how fish work with nature to provide some of the best fertilizer for plants!  You will be able to see a small-scale aquaponics system that demonstrates the major concepts that have been used in larger scale on the farm.


Bees are a crucial part of growing food and other agricultural products.  Our learning center teaches how a thriving colony of bees work hard to keep our crops producing.


Worms are necessary for the vitality of the soil... and lots of them.  In our learning center you will learn how to create your own worm bin so you can grow worms to help improve your soil and make it more fertile for plants to thrive!

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